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How to use the power of persuasion and get Ukrainian women

An interesting study in the United States suggests that men who are good at sales and marketing also tend to be good at getting hot girls. Further examination reveals that the techniques used in success with women are very similar to sales strategies.

Meanwhile, fengshui indicates that sex and money come from the same source – isn’t that the ancient Chinese wisdom?


• Instead of telling a Ukrainian woman that you like her, build the premise. Most men can’t get attractive girls from Ukraine because they show intent rather than build the premise. Indeed, many men say this to hot Ukrainian ladies, “I like you”. Sadly, that gives a man’s power away because now this hot woman knows she can have this guy any time. Actually, showing intent works well when you approach average girls or fat girls because they don’t have many options in dating and relationships. But if you want to get 9s and 10s, you can’t show your intent because that gives away your power. Therefore, a much better approach is to build the premise. For instance, you can say, “Well, I kind of hate you” in a playful way – when you say this to a hot Ukrainian beauty in a playful way, you are still talking about whether you like or hate each other, so the premise is being built. At the same time, you are not giving your power away! Of course, you have to show her that you are a high-value guy before you use this technique.

beauty from Ukraine


• Don’t ask her a yes/no question; simply give her two options. If you’d like to ask a Ukrainian stunner out for a date, don’t say, “Would you like to go out with me?” – this may lead to a “no” because a yes/no question is always a 50/50 chance – why do you want a 50% success rate when you can have a 75% success rate? In contrast, you can say, “Which night is good for a film, Friday or Saturday?” She is much more likely to choose a night and now you have a date. This technique works well because you sound more assertive and confident – that’s what attracts Ukrainian women to you. Similarly, when you receive a business card from a sexy lady from Ukraine, you can ask her, “Is it better to email you or call you?” Can she say “neither”? Of course, she will tell you what to do and then you can contact her within 24 hours.

hot Ukrainian beauty ukraine


• Build a yes-ladder for her to climb. When you meet an attractive beauty from Ukraine at a dinner party, be patient. You can persuade her to be with you by building a yes-ladder for her to climb. Here is a possible conversation with annotations:

YOU: Do you like this party?

HER: Yes, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

YOU: Indeed, the ambience is very romantic because the music is so relaxing. (When you say “because”, she is more likely to believe in whatever you say – sometimes women don’t even listen to what’s after “because”, but when “because” is used in a sentence, the argument sounds more convincing.)

HER: That’s why I love this place.

YOU: Do you enjoy the food and wine here?

HER: Yes, the dinner is divine.

YOU: I’m a gourmet. This is the best steak I’ve ever had this year.

HER: Oh, really? What’s your favourite food?

YOU: I like Italian food and Indian food. How about you?

HER: French food is my favourite. So is French wine.

YOU: Do you want to go to the balcony? The moonlight is amazing.

HER: Yes, of course. Let’s go. (She has said “yes” twice, so it’s very likely for her to say “yes” again. Now you have isolated this hot stunner from Ukraine and you can physically escalate on her on the balcony!)


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