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How to impress a Ukrainian lady if you are an introverted guy

Statistics show that about 1 in every 5 people is a highly sensitive person who is best characterised by an introverted personality. If you are one of them and you are interested in dating beauties from Ukraine, congratulations – you are reading the exactly right article that you need right now.


See your characteristic as an advantage. Psychologist Ilse Sand claims that your highly sensitive personality is actually an asset because of the following reasons:

1) you are more artistic than other men;

2) you can understand Ukrainian ladies’ emotions and feelings very well;

3) you have a very rich inner world.

Therefore, maybe you can communicate your thoughts in different ways very effectively, e.g. writing a poem, sending a love letter, having intimate and loving conversations with your Ukrainian girlfriend, etc. In other words, you have an unfair advantage that most men don’t have, so probably the majority of men can’t even compete with you if you keep working on your seduction skills and dating strategies.

attracts Ukrainian stunners


Use text messages and emails to your advantage. Since you are not an extrovert, modern technology is actually on your side – nowadays people communicate with each other via text messages and emails more often than face-to-face conversations and telephone conversations. Therefore, you can demonstrate your attractiveness by writing good text messages and thought-provoking emails that ladies from Ukraine like. Read books such as How to talk to women and The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them and implement the knowledge you’ve learned in your written words now.

dating beauties from Ukraine


Figure out your unique selling point. If you look at some well-known men who are famous for their attractiveness, you’ll notice that they don’t belong to the same category. For instance, Keanu Reeves has a very introverted personality, whereas Bill Clinton is definitely an extrovert. But women from Ukraine find them attractive, no matter which category they fall into. Apparently, Ukrainian girls that you like don’t merely prefer one type when it comes to men. That means even if extroverted men seem to be successful with women, chances are beauties from Ukraine secretly like introverted men (but since introverted men are less likely to approach women proactively, you just don’t know those girls from Ukraine are into you yet.) It is clear that your introverted personality can become your unique selling point – you can write down your new identity statement, e.g. I’m a sophisticated, quiet and intelligent thinker with an inquiring mind and a kind heart. And then you put your identity statement on the wall in your room so that you can see it every day. Gradually, your new identity will become your unique selling point that impress Ukrainian stunners to you.

ladies from Ukrain


Cultivate a hobby that only introverts can do well. Research shows there are certain things that only introverts can do extremely well, e.g. writing and art. That’s because when it comes to activities such as writing and art, an individual must spend a lot of time sitting at home alone to complete the task. We all know that extroverts are less likely to sit still and stay at home alone, so extroverts aren’t the best people to produce the most outstanding art, etc. Consequently, if you are interested in things like art and writing, you’d better make them your real hobbies (or even monetize them) – that will make you a much more interesting man in Ukrainian ladies’ eyes. And it’s the best way to live your life to the fullest as well.


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