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How to Develop a Sense of Humor?

Do you know the feeling of resentment when everyone seems to have conspired and try to laugh at you, over your gait, over your words, over your actions? You don’t understand these jokes, and you can’t say anything in response, because the only desire that you have in these situations is to escape, or to respond rudely to the wit. But don’t despair – there is a more positive solution! You can develop a sense of humor, and learn how to respond with dignity to the plumes of wits in your address.

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A sense of humor is the ability to respond to different situations easily. The reasons for the negative reaction to jokes, misunderstanding of humor are the low emotional level and intellectual development of a person. But you can easily develop both of these features, and we will help you to cope with this and will explain what to do if the girl does not respond to messages.

In order to start developing a sense of humor - you need to raise the emotional level! First of all, learn to laugh at yourself! Pay attention to your own habits, attachments, addictions, and joke on them. For example, you have long been hesitant to throw out an old sofa and buy a new one, you can say to yourself:

"My old sofa is better than ten new! We have experienced so much together. We’re soul mates!"

Or if you travel all day by car, you can say:

"It's good to have a car - you don’t have to pay either for the fare or for the apartment!"

If it's not funny at first, then it's okay, the advantage of laughing at yourself is that nobody values your jokes, you’re the jury for yourself! A cheerful look at life will help develop a sense of humor!

After training yourself, go to the objects and events of the world around you and continue to develop your sense of humor! But don’t rush to find the "pearls" you found so far. First, write down your fascinating, creative "business ideas", analyze and select the ones that you most like.

Recorded and selected suitable jokes will be your arsenal, which you can use every day. Constant practice will help you to joke better and better, and your attitude to life will become more fun. Jokes filled with power and energy will only strengthen the development of a sense of humor!

In order to fill jokes with more power and energy, it is necessary to enhance intellectual development. Begin to expand your vocabulary, read books, not only humorous, read different, for example, stunned business book by Donald Trump "The Art of Bargaining"! This will expand your horizons, increase your erudition, and your jokes will stand out with their sharpness and accuracy.

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Witty people think associatively. And this feature really attracts Ukrainian women.

The development of a sense of humor is to compare disparate things. Just practice more often and you will succeed. The success of the joke depends not only on the chosen object and the successful association, but also on how to present it. For this it is necessary to apply acting skills. Improvisation, gestures, and appropriate intonation are also integral parts of a good joke.

Imagine: You’re riding in a bus, and a nearby person stands on your foot and doesn’t notice it. What will your actions be? Will you ask this person to get off your feet? Or just let him know that he is standing on your leg, and let him guess what to do? So, you’re on a bus packed with people, like a herring in a can, next to you is a man who has stood on your foot. You say: "I'm sorry, you stepped on my foot. Let's switch places with you." The man kindly apologizes to you in return and becomes in your place, and you’re on his, and also step on his foot.

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The situation looks comical, but the reaction to such an action in different people will be different. The joke is able to defuse the situation and strengthen relations. But if a person doesn’t understand the joke, then this can cause an attack of aggression, and, as practice shows, not everyone can control anger!

An important foundation for developing a sense of humor is the person's positive attitude toward life, and, of course, the ability to sincerely laugh at himself. For a person who has complexes, it will be difficult to do this. Lack of sense of humor prevents a person from living a full life. Just throw off the complexes! Everything will be fine, you will succeed! With a positive it is easier to go through life, to please yourself and others. A cheerful and happy person, loving himself and everyone around, is much more likely to develop a sense of humor and shine in the company, giving the interlocutors positive emotions. Love for life and a joyful perception of the world can be learned from children, because they know how to really rejoice. A positive energy boost, a smile and an optimistic attitude are the most necessary factors in order to start working on developing a sense of humor. Smile, rejoice, even, small things. If you cope with this task, then you can learn What to Tell the Girl to Interest Her?

Vocabulary and education of man affects on the development of a sense of humor. A lot of jokes are built on the play of words. In order to develop an outlook and thinking, it is recommended to read more books. Thanks to a wide range of horizons, your jokes will become sharper and much more meaningful. It is necessary to train speech, try to pronounce tongue twisters, pronounce words that are around, everything that comes to mind. It is very important not to stop, in that case – everything will certainly turn out! Wit and a sense of humor is the highest level of skill.

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